What is Mobile Gaming?


    Mobile Gaming is a new business model that leverages the popularity of video games, and the regularity of party events to combine into a highly lucrative, low cost business. In less than ten years the industry has grown into the tens of millions of dollars and is only gaining momentum.  Custom Upfits manufactures an elite video game station that is ideal for the entertainment industry. Our patent pending Mobile Gaming Cube is incredibly low cost with enormous room for growth.


    Kids aren’t satisfied with the typical roller rinks, bounce houses, or laser tag parties any more. Studies show 97% of kids between the ages of 8 and 17 play video games. What other entertainment industry caters to 97% of the entire market?The mobile gaming industry has become a powerhouse of entertainment for a wide variety of demographics. Being able to work from your home and bring your mobile gaming cube to any customer group anywhere at any time is a major asset. If you want to start your own business that has flexible hours, a high return on investment, and is a blast to run every day, then Mobile Gaming is right for you.


    While we use the term franchise, we are not structured as a typical franchise.  Custom Upfits will provide you with the advice and equipment to start your own mobile gaming business. We don’t want to skim away your profits or micro-manage your brand from our corporate offices. We want to partner with fellow entrepreneurs in the Mobile Gaming Franchise business.