Custom Upfits' Wheel Repair Franchise Alternative

Ford transit Wheel Repair
16ft auto Reconditioning Trailer
7x14 wheel Repair Unit
Mobile Wheel Repair
Ford Transit Wheel/ Paint Combo
7x14ft Wheel Repair Unit
16ft Auto Reconditioning Trailer
16ft Auto Reconditioning Mixing Room
7x14ft Rim Repair unit
7x14ft Rim Restoration Racks
7x14ft Wheel Repair
7x14ft Rim Repair

    Most companies offering franchises in the wheel recon industry would have you believe that they offer the only means to obtain equipment to do wheel repair, and that by providing the means, you now owe them upwards of 5% of your income, plus a huge franshise fee, and who knows what else they sneak into your franchise agreement. Many of them require $100,000+ to get started, and yet they only spend roughly 30k(sometimes less!) to build your unit. They offer you prime territory, only to find out that you are hedged in by your fellow franchisee's.


    Why jump through all these hoops just to obtain the franchise owners business name and reputation? Any fleet owner, or dealership will tell you that plenty of these big name guys do not have the best reputation for quality work.  How do these big franchises get away with demanding such a robust price tag?   


     What do you get when start a wheel repair business through Custom Upfits?  No franchise fees, no royalties; a one-time purchase that sets you up for success with everything you need to start up a mobile wheel repair business. Use your automotive painting and prep skills to start your business and be your own boss.​​


     You will own and operate your business from your home town or city! This is not a franchise or a physical location. We are offering a turn-key package providing everything you need to successfully start a wheel repair business.


     The truck is customized and equipped as a mobile wheel repair unit. It is insulated and finished inside with custom tool chests and cabinetry, compressor/air lines, generator and more.


     The truck also has the option of  custom exterior finishes including built-in storage compartments, and  your choice of wheel repair equipment packages, to make a bold statement when on the road and servicing customers.




This business opportunity is suited to automotive industry newcomers, or experienced wheel repair specialists looking to start their own business, or it could easily integrate into existing body shops, tire shops, dealers or auto salvage operations as a new source of revenue. The wheel repair industry can offer excellent returns on investment, high profit margins, and in most markets, a low competition environment.  


    It comes with White aluminum finish,hazardous area cabinet, diamond plate finish , tool chest, air lines, jack rack, wheel rack, true to day lighting, down draft explosion proof fans, heat lamps, heater + more !

Mobile Wheel Repair

Built inside a Ford E350 Box truck.