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Custom Upfits is a nationally recognized, family owned, faith based fabrication company in West Sacramento, CA who specialize in creating mobile business platforms for the automotive reconditioning industry.

Our portfolio is home to several of America’s largest and most prestigious companies, including a host of the nation’s largest Auto Dealer Groups. The jewel of our portfolio however is the sole proprietor. The individual business owner who risks everything to take their shot, to make their dream come true, because that’s who we are.

Todd Ford & Company is that story. Driveway to 10,000 square foot State Of The Art fabrication facility in seven years and helping others along the way.

Welcome to Mobile Automotive Reconditioning
Todd Ford — American Welder

Why Go Mobile?

Expanded Market Reach

Serve a vastly larger customer base with mobile outreach. Expand your brand, your territory, and your profits.

Quick Launch

We’re not in a hurry unless you are. If you have a great idea or concept, you don’t want to wait too long bringing it to the marketplace. Opening a store front can take many months or even years. With a Custom Upfits Mobile platform your launch could be within weeks or maybe a few months at the outside. Take advantage of a Custom Upfits partnership in helping you with your new mobile business. With many of our products, we use what we build, giving us an inside expertise that few can match. Go with the leader, choose Custom Upfits.


The ability to bring your mobile business to the customer is an invaluable resource. Never underestimate the power of being able to be where the market is, wherever it is, at a moment’s notice. We build state-of-the-art vehicles for this purpose.

Low Cost

If you have an existing business or are just starting out, adding a mobile business platform (van, truck, or trailer) is an inexpensive and profitable solution to adding customers and growing your business. The cost of a Custom Upfits mobile platform is a fraction of what building a new retail storefront would cost along with its additional building permits and local taxes and fees.

Compliance, Protection, Safety & Value

In an industry where every state, county and local municipality has an ordinance or regulation concerning automotive reconditioning, it is important to have a builder who not only understands the regulations, but raises the bar to meet — and in many cases exceed — the expectation in matters of compliance.
Custom Upfits is that builder, building value and peace of mind.
Safety Signage
Eye Wash Kit
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Flammable Safety Cabinet
Air Interlocks
Hazardous Location Fans & Lights
EPA 6H Compliant
NFPA 701

Connect With Us Now

Together, we have unlimited potential.

Connect With Us Now

Together, we have unlimited potential.